"You can't make your ideal life your real life until you feel safe and sound and self-assured." — Jocelyn King


Is a Great Date or Relationship in Your 2023 Goals?

Then this is the ideal program to get it done right, right now. In no time, you’ll be writing and posting your own flattering and identity-protecting profile, swiping left and right like a pro, and preparing for your Great Date!

Next Virtual Program Start:
Wednesdays (3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 3/5)
5:00 – 6:30 pm Pacific Time

This $1,500 value includes:

  • Top 10 Identity Security Do’s & Don’ts  ($200 value)
  • Dating App Profile Development Workshop ($300 value)
  • Online Dating App Overview ($200 value)
  • Success Principles® Foundation ($500 value)
  • Neurosculpting Meditation Live & Recording ($300 value)
  • 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee

Only $197 for a Limited Time

Benefits of this program for women and men:

Learn from a Top 10 Women in Cybersecurity the top tips to text, talk and video chat in-app and on your own phone to screen out people phishing, misrepresenting themselves or falsifying information.

Implement essential do's and don'ts for protecting your identify and avoid rookie mistakes like posting photos that accidentally give away where you live, work and workout.

Build your self-confidence using the same goal setting methods used by the world’s most successful and fulfilled people to decide what you want, know your own value and realize your own dreams and heart’s desires.

Discover the difference between various popular dating apps and some of the niche apps catering to specific interests and groups of like-minded people.

Enjoy a small supportive group setting while making the process safer, less intimidating and even fun!

“Jocelyn has the formula, and easily shows you how to maintain your security while learning to navigate through the process of online dating with confidence. Her class leads you through the process without making you feel inept or awkward.”

Liz J.

“Securely securing a great date online begins when you first fill out your profile. Jocelyn has the magic sauce to keep you secure with tips on which photos to choose, setting up your filters, and identifying your dating parameters. You learn how to confidently browse and look around while maintaining your privacy.”

Peter P.

“I had so much resistance when it came to online dating and every single objection I was thinking about was addressed and defused.  And by the end of my time with Jocelyn, I was both empowered and excited to take a chance.  I have since signed up and started having conversations, which is something I had not given myself permission to do up until this point. Thank you, Jocelyn, for how you expertly guided us through the process, invited us to dream and to show up for the possibilities!”

Jean V.

About Jocelyn King

Jocelyn is a transformative trainer, author, speaker and success coach who has helped thousands of people worldwide make their ideal life their real life.

Her unique premise is that “you can’t make your ideal life your real life until you feel safe, seen and self-confident.” She overcame being cyberhacked, having her identity stolen and being physically assaulted to become the world’s leading “Life Safety Expert,” co-founder of a Top 10 Cybersecurity start-up, an awarded Top 10 Women in Cybersecurity, and a twice-named Top 20 Women to Watch.

Jocelyn has distilled the most effective tips, tricks and techniques to deliver fast, simple breakthroughs to her clients, from corporate CEOs to early career professionals, from start-up founders to busy soccer moms.

She earned her B.S., MBA, Certified Neurosculptor (CNSF) and Certified Canfield Trainer (CCT) credentials while an executive in Silicon Valley start-ups and Fortune 100 companies.


One-hour virtual coaching sessions (over Zoom) are available to tackle specific personal or professional life challenges and help you in your decision-making.

These are perfect for the person wanting personalized assistance and a sounding board, but who is not ready to commit to a longer training program or wants to augment one.

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Shelly D.

"Jocelyn is an exceptional, empathetic and wise mentor. She and I worked together for several years and she regularly shared insights, common sense and encouragement for career progression and success. She listens and she relates to the hurdles and issues that many women encounter as they climb management ladders within predominantly male organizations. We shared strategies and tactics and I often went to her before a major event or meeting, just to get some “Jocelyn Power-up confidence”. She always stood up for women in her organizations when their voices were not being heard. She is a role mode in the industry herself, working and advocating for herself and the women around her.”

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Rashmi d.

"Working with Jocelyn, I was in awe of the way she role modeled how to be an effective, efficient leader and a great mentor! She is an amazing listener, patient and offers clear, practical guidance of what your next steps should be in achieving your goal! She invests her time, energy and efforts in uplifting you from where you are today to where you can be. She encouraged and supported me in moving from an admin assistant role to Marketing Manager role, a HUGE change that has opened doors to some amazing career opportunities for me! She is passionate about people, their growth, success and celebrates both the small and big wins! You can count on Jocelyn to be there for you - ALWAYS! "

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Marcia T.

“Jocelyn is the most warm and natural mentor that I’ve had the privilege to meet over the course of a long career. Even in situations where she was my client, she always asked how I was doing, where I was stuck, and offered her time for counsel and guidance. When I had a low career point a few years ago, she swung into action and not only steered project work my way, but she also managed to open doors for me that I didn’t even know existed! She brought me into the VC firm she’s a partner at so that I could gain valuable experience as an entrepreneur-in-residence and share my marketing insights with funded companies. It was invaluable networking and gave me the motivation I needed while debating my next move. If you ever need a ‘fairy godmother’ for tough career moments, Jocelyn is the one for the job!”

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Linda H.

"I've known Jocelyn King for ten years in many capacities - as a panelist for my leadership events, as a fellow member of an executive committee for a start-up, as a wise and supportive colleague and friend."

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Larissa D.

"There is no question that Jocelyn is a senior leader who has mastered her trade. She is a sophisticated marketer and a collaborative executive. I respect Jocelyn for these reasons. But what I like the most about Jocelyn is that she is warm, fair, and has an insatiable appetite to learn and improve. She is a pleasure to work with and for!"

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Jocelyn King

Transformation Coach, Author & Speaker
Top 10 Women in Cybersecurity
CCT Certified Canfield Trainer® 
CNSF Certified Neurosculptor®


A program to quickly and securely get you online and out on a Great Date!


One-hour virtual coaching sessions to tackle specific challenges and help you start living your best life today!