Jocelyn King

Impact Coach, Author, Certified Jack Canfield Trainer® & Certified Neurosculptor®


8-week program for professional transformation. 


One-hour virtual coaching sessions are available to tackle specific challenges and help you in your decision-making. 

Become the Queen of Your Own Chessboard!

Movers, Shakers & Glass-Ceiling Breakers™ Program

Are you running the show in your professional life or is it running you? Do you feel like the CEO of your own destiny?  If not, and if you are feeling stuck or indecisive in which path to choose – or not evening seeing a choice of paths – than this program is for you!

 Gain clarity on what you really want to achieve in your career along with a clear assessment of where you are now and how to get there in the fewest steps possible.  Jocelyn shares her learned and earned insights on how she herself became a mover, shaker and glass-ceiling breaker – from stuck at Director level for a decade to becoming an executive at Intel and a CXO of a top 10 start-up.  Jocelyn has helped hundreds of women successfully move to the next levels of their careers — and have fun and grow their self-esteem and confidence while doing it.


This program is for the woman who:

    Isn’t fulfilled in her current job and knows there is something better out there for her

    Feels stuck or confused about what next step to take in her career

    Doesn’t fully understand the dynamics at play in her workplace

    Feels she’s playing checkers when she should be playing chess

    Wants to make a change and needs a supportive environment, effective tools and personalized coaching to help her get there

    Next Program Series

    $997 Nov 7 – Dec 13, 2022 5:30-7:00 pm Pacific time

    $1,497 Jan 17 – Feb 21, 2023 5:30-7:00 pm Pacific time

    About Jocelyn

    As an impact life coach, Jocelyn is a mover, shaker and glass-ceiling breaker who helps busy women and men quickly identify their purpose and passions and make rewarding changes in their personal and professional lives. Jocelyn is a 20-year Silicon Valley senior executive at Fortune 100 companies, was recently voted a Top 10 Woman in Cybersecurity and was twice selected among the Top 20 Women to Watch.

    Jocelyn has coached hundreds of women and men, and inspired thousands to find their life purpose and live better, more fulfilling lives. She earned her BS degree in Organizational Development & Leadership from the University of San Francisco and an MBA from Saint Mary’s College of California and is a Certified Jack Canfield Success® Coach and a Certified Neurosculptor®.


    One-hour virtual coaching sessions (over Zoom) are available to tackle specific personal or professional life challenges and help you in your decision-making.  

    These are perfect for the person wanting personalized assistance and a sounding board, but who is not ready to commit to a longer training program or wants to augment one.

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    Shelly D.

    "Jocelyn is an exceptional, empathetic and wise mentor. She and I worked together for several years and she regularly shared insights, common sense and encouragement for career progression and success. She listens and she relates to the hurdles and issues that many women encounter as they climb management ladders within predominantly male organizations. We shared strategies and tactics and I often went to her before a major event or meeting, just to get some “Jocelyn Power-up confidence”. She always stood up for women in her organizations when their voices were not being heard. She is a role mode in the industry herself, working and advocating for herself and the women around her.”

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    Rashmi d.

    "Working with Jocelyn, I was in awe of the way she role modeled how to be an effective, efficient leader and a great mentor! She is an amazing listener, patient and offers clear, practical guidance of what your next steps should be in achieving your goal! She invests her time, energy and efforts in uplifting you from where you are today to where you can be. She encouraged and supported me in moving from an admin assistant role to Marketing Manager role, a HUGE change that has opened doors to some amazing career opportunities for me! She is passionate about people, their growth, success and celebrates both the small and big wins! You can count on Jocelyn to be there for you - ALWAYS! "

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    Marcia T.

    “Jocelyn is the most warm and natural mentor that I’ve had the privilege to meet over the course of a long career. Even in situations where she was my client, she always asked how I was doing, where I was stuck, and offered her time for counsel and guidance. When I had a low career point a few years ago, she swung into action and not only steered project work my way, but she also managed to open doors for me that I didn’t even know existed! She brought me into the VC firm she’s a partner at so that I could gain valuable experience as an entrepreneur-in-residence and share my marketing insights with funded companies. It was invaluable networking and gave me the motivation I needed while debating my next move. If you ever need a ‘fairy godmother’ for tough career moments, Jocelyn is the one for the job!”

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    Linda H.

    "I've known Jocelyn King for ten years in many capacities - as a panelist for my leadership events, as a fellow member of an executive committee for a start-up, as a wise and supportive colleague and friend."

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    Larissa D.

    "There is no question that Jocelyn is a senior leader who has mastered her trade. She is a sophisticated marketer and a collaborative executive. I respect Jocelyn for these reasons. But what I like the most about Jocelyn is that she is warm, fair, and has an insatiable appetite to learn and improve. She is a pleasure to work with and for!"

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