The Greg Krino Show with Jocelyn King

Sharing some every day life safety hacks and good conversation.

Beyond Confidence with Jocelyn King

Do What Others Can’t, Won’t, or Don’t Do to Unlock Success.

Read My Lips: Turning Lemons Into Creativity!

Promising a fun conversation that can take surprising turns.

Career Growth with Jocelyn King

Importance of professional networking for career advancement

Life/Career Coaching Tips

If you’re feeling a little stressed, how are you doing on your Self-Care Hierarchy of Needs? Sharing mine that makes or breaks my week — what’s yours?

Know your “3 Front Burners” to rapidly progress on key areas.

Neurosculpting Meditation 

Use this 20-min meditation weekly to establish your new desired habit, self-talk or belief. Neurosculpting is a scientifically proven 5-step neuroplasticity-based method to establish new habits through wiring a new neural network that you yourself envision and own to become the best version of yourself.

What Is Neurosculpting? In this overview, Jocelyn explains the scientifically proven 5-step Neurosculpting process that combines the latest findings on neuroplasticity and habit formation with ancient meditation and visualization best practices.

Handouts & eBooks

Stress-Reducing Hierarchy of Needs

Neuroplasticity: Brain Training For A Better You

The Limbic Brain: What It Does For Us & What We Can Do For It

The 3 Keys For Managing Your Mindset

5 Best Practices To Start Your Meditation Practice